When should I help a hedgehog?

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A hedgehog with bright eyes, a rounded bottom and out at night is generally a healthy hedgehog.

If you find a hedgehog out during the day there is usually a problem with its health.
There are however some exceptions to this:

 How do I tell if it is an exception?

If the hedgehog is behaving in a PURPOSEFUL MANNER then it could be a weaning mother, or a juvenile foraging.


HOWEVER….if the hedgehog is:

  • behaving in a wobbly way
  • lying down
  • not moving
  • hyperactively moving without purpose
  • appearing to walk with a high arch in it’s back
  • has fly-strike
  • looks injured
  • has been caught in netting/litter
  • has been found in a swimming pool/pond
  • has been caught in a fire
  • is bleeding
  • has been found in a drain/hole
  • is squealing for mum

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