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Basic Hedgehog Care Course with Essex Wildlife Trust

Sunday 13th August –

Fingringhoe Wick

Nature Reserve

we are running a basic care course with EWT so please book through the Essex Wildlife Trust if you are interested.

You will cover the following on this whole day course:

  • You will learn about the work of Suffolk Prickles Hedgehog Rescue
  • The problems facing hedgehogs and why they are endangered
  • How you can improve things in your garden to help hedgehogs
  • When to tell if a hedgehog is sick
  • Simple things you might do to help the hedgehog if it is unwell



Update on Twiglet’s hoglets

Week three and four…eyes opening…exploring their new world…trying out new tastes and smells and growing teeth.

It was at this point once they were starting to eat for themselves that we placed them with mum in a small run so that they could get a little bit of ‘wild’ experience.

By week six, at just over 100 grams the babies were ready to return to their home range with mum into a soft release area so that eventually she could walk them out and show them the skills they needed to survive the wild. Paula, Nigel and Oliver collected them and they are now supporting their return back to their home range.

Twiglet and her babies

Twiglet came into us with Fluke and Lungworm. She was treated for this but we realised that she was pregnant and kept her until she had her babies as it would not have been fair to release her shortly before birth with no established nest. In the first week after the birth the nest was not disturbed as a hog mum can destroy her own babies in the first few days.

IMG_9982 - Copy

At 7 days old the babies had their first darker spines coming through and were about 5cm in length. They cannot see or hear at this age.



By week two the babies were all a lot bigger and more active, although she was still sleeping in front of the nest or covering the entrance over so they could not get out of the nest and were well protected.

14 days old and weighing between 35 grams and 45 grams