About our Hogspitals

Charity Number: 1176194

We are a registered charity whose purposes are to further conservation and preservation of the hedgehog species by providing a rescue, care, and rehabilitation service for sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs with the aim of releasing such hedgehogs back into the wild wherever possible,

Suffolk Prickles hedgehog Rescue also works to advance the education of the public in the study of hedgehogs and in the care, methods of treatment, conservation and habitat of hedgehogs.

Emergency admittance and care:

Our emergency hogspital is based in Stonham and will be the first place the hedgehog is admitted to in order to be stabilised.

Veterinary care and treatment:

This hogspital caters for hedgehogs that need to be under veterinary care.

Hoggie Lodge:

The Hoggie Lodge is based in Stonham and will provide a centre to over-winter hedgehogs once it is completed.


On average it costs us approximately £80  to treat a hedgehog that comes into our care. Hedgehogs having to have treatment at the vets can cost more. Despite being a ‘part-time’ rescue on average we successfully treat an average of 160 hedgehogs per year.

On arrival the hedgehog will be assessed by a member of our team and stabilised. Many of the hedgehogs that are brought into us are dehydrated, hyperthermic and extremely unwell.

Faecal sampling is an important early diagnostic tool.

We work closely with our vet, Penrose and Partners, to assess each hedgehogs needs and offer appropriate treatment.

Each hedgehog is provided with a medical chart on admittance and checked on regularly for the first few hours. Very sick hedgehogs are put on half hour/hourly watch and given intensive care.

Many of the hogs that are brought to us are malnourished. 95% of the hedgehogs already have secondary infections with lungworm, often they have other more serious underlying issues alongside the lungworm.

emaciated hog with tic burden

We have two hogspitals – The hogspital in Stonham for Emergency Admittance and Treatment; and the Intensive veterinary Care Unit, which is situated closer to our veterinary practice.

It can take up to two hours to admit each hedgehog particularly if they are very unwell or have a lot of fly strike.

It is our aim to re-release the hedgehogs back into the wild when they are well.

Hedgehogs are loyal to their home range so where possible we try our best to release them back where they are found. However, this is not always possible due to irrevocable changes in their home range etc and in this case we ‘soft’ release in a new area where the hedgehogs are supported and monitored.

Sick hedgehogs are monitored on a daily basis. A drop in weight is often a sign of an underlying problem.